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Only the best fruit and vegetables, ripened in the sun and chosen with care to offer genuine goodness all year round.


Gruppo VillariAGRO FRUIT has more than 60 years' experience in the field, not only in distribution but in growing, too.


AGRO FRUIT springs from the dedicated commitment of the Villari Group, Sicily-based leader in the production and processing of fruit and vegetables.





Scelti dal sole

"Scelti dal Sole" is the brand under which AGRO FRUIT has been distributing its products, Italian and imported, in stores all over the country, for a considerable number of years.
Selected, controlled products, guaranteed fresh and genuine.

Italia da gustare

Outstanding quality for the most demanding markets.
The new "Italia da Gustare" brand appears on the best Italian fruit and vegetables, selected and distributed on the domestic market by AGRO FRUIT.


E' Bio

AGRO FRUIT'S commitment to the environment and nature has led to the birth of the "è Bio" brand, carried by organic fruit and vegetables, totally free from artificial pesticide or weedkiller residues.
Produce is only harvested when actually ripe, without forcing growth by artificial methods or using laboratory fertilisers.
Even higher vitamin and nutrient content and an intense, rich flavour, to delight the most refined palates.